Response about Bar Hill Junction Issues

Published: 27 January 2020

The following response has been issues from the A14 Integrated Teams following concerns raised by residents about the ongoing delays at the Bar Hill junction.

Last week we made adjustments this week to the traffic light phasing for Longstanton traffic approaching the Bar Hill junction.

We still have work to complete across the scheme, all of which will increase capacity and assist in alleviating the congestion you, and others, are currently experiencing.

At Bar Hill, there's currently 1 lane of local access road, Bar Hill and B1050 traffic all trying to join what is currently 3 lanes of A14 eastbound, which will become 4 lanes upon scheme completion.  Until the local road between the Crematorium and Huntingdon Road into Cambridge can be completed, then further traffic is having to use the Bar Hill junction via the local road.

Currently there are 3 lanes of A14 reduced to 2 lanes on the eastbound A14 approach to Swavesey junction, along with traffic joining from the A1307 and Swavesey.  This has meant some people are temporarily re-routing and are trying to join the A14 at Bar Hill via Ramper Road.

In the interim period, until we're able to complete the sections of scheme referenced above, drivers are finding alternative routes.  It's important to note that neither the A14 or the local road are running at their full capacity.

To reassure you, the work on both Swavesey and Bar Hill junctions and the local road are due for completion Spring 2020.  To confirm, we are actively monitoring and tweaking the traffic light phasing as much as we can and we continue to do so until the works are completed.