Longstanton Parish Council

Longstanton Parish Council comprises 11 unpaid elected/co-opted Councillors.  Councillors normally serve a term of 4 years.  The current Council will be in post until May 2022 and were elected following uncontested elections held in May 2018.


The Councillors represent an electorate of 2,682 persons (as at 17th Dec 2018).

The Council currently employs 1 member of staff:
Mrs Libby White PSLCC– Parish Clerk, Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer

Parish Council meetings are held on the second Monday of every month except for August. Meetings start at 7.30pm and they are open to all members of the public and press. 10 minutes are allocated at the beginning of each meeting for comments and questions from members of the public with respect to items on the agenda or to request items be discussed in the future.

Meeting notices / summons of the meetings are displayed on the parish council website page and on the four notice boards located around the village at The Village Institute, Woodside, The Pavilion and Station Road. Copies are available from the Clerk on request.

Committees / Working Groups

Parish Councillors are expected to serve on a variety of committees or working groups including:

Finance Committee, Employment Committee, Standards Committee, Village Events Working Group and represent various interests including Home Farm, Northstowe, Paths/Footpaths, etc.

The Parish Council has held Foundation Level in the Local Council Award Scheme since September 2016.



If you would like to find out more about local councils and being a Councillor at:

The primary role of the Parish Council is to represent parishioners on issues affecting the community to South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridgeshire County, Cambridgeshire Combined Authority and Central Government as well as support and provide local services.

So what else does Longstanton Parish Council do?

It owns land and maintains it at the following locations:

  • The Village Green, off Nelson Crescent
  • Recreation Ground, Over Road
  • Various spaces on Home Farm including: off Bullen Close, Collingwood Drive, Duddle Drive, Eaton Way, Hardy Close, Mitchcroft Road, Sheepwash Way, Stevensons Road
  • Recreation Ground playground
  • Duddle Drive play areas
  • Hattons Road Cemetery

Provides and maintains the following facilities:

  • Children’s play area and equipment on the recreation ground
  • Children’s play areas on Duddle Drive
On behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council:
  • Maintenance of highway verges within the village boundary
On behalf of South Cambridgeshire District Council:
  • provides and maintains dog-waste bins and litter bins at various locations in the village

On behalf of the PCC, maintains the churchyard at St Michaels' closed church

Sole Trustee for:

  • Allotments for Gravel, Stone and Clay Pits (Gravel Pit)
  • Longstanton Village Institute
  • Longstanton Recreation Ground

Supports the work of charitable groups and organisations within the village.

Provides and maintains bus shelters, seats and parish noticeboards at various locations in the village

Consultee on local development plan issues from both the County and District Councils.

Comments (but does not decide) on planning applications.

For further information on any of these activities please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council clerk@longstanton-pc.gov.uk