County Council's Climate Change Strategy Consultation

Published: 06 January 2020

Have your say on the draft Climate and Environment Strategy
Following its declaration of a Climate and Environment Emergency in May 2019, the Council agreed on Thursday 19 December, to launch consultation on ambitious plans to reduce its own and the County’s carbon footprint, and to support others in their efforts.

The consultation begins on 20 December until 31 January during which time the council will be gathering feedback at a range of events across the county, and via an online survey.

DRAFT Climate Change and Environment Strategy:
Consultation Information
The Consultation

Climate Change action is a shared responsibility, the Council must have inputs from business, communities, and local authorities to plan for this. Many of the actions proposed will require multiple different stakeholders to take part if they are to be successful.
The Consultation asks for views on:

  • CCC priority areas
  • CCC targets
  • What you are already doing
  • Any comments, ideas, criticisms 
The draft Strategy will be open for consultation from 20 December 2019 to 31 January 2020.
Everyone is invited to take part: individuals, businesses, community groups, governmental organisations.
The consultation is online at (can direct public to search “ConsultCambs” and it will come up)
Following feedback from stakeholders, a final version of the Strategy and Action Plan will return to Full Council for approval, timeline below: 





Why have a Climate Change and Environment Strategy? 
Cambridgeshire County Council declared a Climate and Environment Emergency in May 2019. This was unanimously agreed by Full Council and was in response to the growing sense of urgency around undertaking significant action on human-driven Climate Change. 

What the County Council already does?
Cambridgeshire County Council is already working on reducing its own operational environmental impact, primarily through renewable energy projects, and energy efficiency measures. However, to achieve widespread benefits, action must be embedded into how the Council operates and close strong collaboration with our local authority partners, businesses and communities developed.

Vision and Objectives of the Strategy 
Our vision is to deliver net zero carbon emissions for Cambridgeshire by 2050 in partnership with all stakeholders, whilst supporting our communities and Cambridgeshire’s biodiversity and environmental assets to adapt and flourish as our climate changes.