Cycle Path Longstanton - Bar Hill

Published: 03 April 2019

The issue of a cycle path between Longstanton and Bar Hill has been asked and campaigned for, for well over 15 years. I took on the campaign about 6 years ago.

On the 8th October 2018, I reported to the Parish Council that after 6 long and difficult years of heated discussions and campaigning, funding was at last agreed for a new cycle path to Bar Hill. I can now further report that Highways England, as part of the A14 upgrade, is funding the new cycle bridge over the A14 and into Bar Hill, and up to the first new roundabout on the B1050 (Northstowe southern access road). Sisk will then take on funding it around the new roundabout with the County Council funding it on into Longstanton. Even more good news is that they have also agreed to look at the possibility of extending it through the village and into Northstowe town centre. It has now passed onto the design/cost stage.