A14 Road Closures for Week Commencing 1st April 2019

Published: 29 March 2019

Full closures
Monday 1 to Sunday 7 (seven nights)
  • A14 westbound between Bar Hill Jct 29 and Swavesey Jct 28
    Vehicles will be diverted west on the A428 then north on the A1198 to re-join the A14 at Godmanchester
  • A14 eastbound between Swavesey Jct 28 and Bar Hill Jct 29
    Vehicles will be diverted south on the A1198 at Jct 24, then east on the A428 to re-join the A14.
  • A14 Girton Jct 31 westbound to westbound loop
Monday 1 to Friday 5 (five nights)
  • A1 northbound between Buckden and Alconbury
    Vehicles will travel east on the A428, north on the A1198, west on the A14 and then north on the A14 link road to re-join the A1
  • A1 southbound between Alconbury and Buckden
    Vehicles will be diverted south on the A14 link road, then east on the A14, south on the A1198 and west on the A428 to re-join the A1
  • Brampton Road
  • A14 eastbound between Ellington Jct 20 and Brampton Hut Jct 21
    Vehicles will be diverted east on the A605 then south on the A1(M) to the A605 to re-join the A14 at Jct 21. Non motorway traffic will be diverted east at Wooley Hill, then north on Ellington Road and Wooley Road to re-join the A14.
  • A14 westbound Histon Jct 32 entry slip
    Drivers wishing to access the A14 westbound will need to travel east to Jct 33 and return on the westbound carriageway
Monday 1 to Wednesday 3 (three nights)
  • High Street, Boxworth
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