Abnormal Loads

Published: 30 January 2019

Message from Homes England for your information: 

I would like to notify you that there will be some deliveries of abnormal loads on 11th and 12th February 2019 to our site at Northstowe.

These abnormal loads will consist of wide loads that will require escort when on the A14 (due to the current narrow lanes), and once off the A14 until they arrive to our site entrance on Rampton Road. The proposed route is the most direct route to our site once leaving the A14 and is as follows:

A14 > B1050 > Home Farm Road > School Lane > Rampton Road > Northstowe site entrance

There will be 7 wide load deliveries on each of the 11th and 12th February. These deliveries are to be spaced out throughout the day and it is intended that the next delivery will not arrive at site until the previous one has left, therefore avoiding a situation of backing up of lorries on Rampton Road.

The contractor (McAvoy) has undertaken the necessary statutory measures required in notifying the highway authority, and will be carrying out their own mail drop to notify local residents (approx. 1500 homes) in the surrounding area.