Beam Lift Take 2: 19th January 2019

Published: 15 January 2019

The planned beam lift for weekend of 12th/13th January was unfortunately, postponed due to winds on both Saturday and Sunday.

The crane required for the operation could not be safely deployed.

A second attempt will be made this Saturday night 19th January 19 with a contingency date of 20th January 19.

This task will again mean the use of a large crane and will necessitate a closure of the whole carriageway between Swavesey and Bar Hill. The closure is scheduled between 10pm on Saturday 19th January 19 and 10am Sunday 20th January 19.

As you would imagine like last week there is contingency built into this timescale, and we would hope to have the road open sooner.

Should the operation not be achievable on this night due the weather or other unforeseeable circumstances then a second attempt would be made on the night of Sunday 20th January 19. We would however only be able to keep the carriageway closed between 10pm and 6am on this night .

Both junctions will remain in use. So access to Swavesey junction will be available travelling eastbound on the A14 and access to Bar Hill junction will be available travelling westbound.

Persons travelling in the opposite directions would need to use the approved diversion route of A1198 and A428.

Access to Lolworth village will be facilitated via the normal escort facility at Bar Hill junction, and similar facilities will be available to Hill Farm Cottages and the Travelodge from Swavesey junction.