Northstowe Phase 2 - Wilson's Road Bridge

Published: 14 November 2018

We have received the following advanced warning about work to be completed on the piling for the new Wilson’s Road bridge (for the bridleway) from Sisk & Sons.

We will be mobilising for the piling operations to Wilson’s road Bridge structure on Monday the 19th November. I’d just like to clarify the type of piling operation that we will be using. These piles will be rotary bored piles which involves using an auger to bore down into the pile section and remove the material and then fill the hole with a steel cage and concrete.

This system is completely different from driven piles that come to site already made and are then driven into the ground using a drop weight – essentially a big hammer. This causes a repetitive tap tap tap which is very intrusive and disruptive so the type of piles that we will be using will generate very little noise in comparison.