Newsletter - November 2018

Published: 04 October 2018

Help beat back to school bugs!
No sooner do the kids start a new term than they pick up some lurgy or other.
Coughs and colds, upset tummies, sickness bugs and headlice are among some of the main culprits. All of which can be treated at home with basic medicine available from your local pharmacy – no GP appointment or prescription required!
Simple steps such as stocking up on self-care essentials can help you treat minor illnesses at home.
  • pain relief (paracetamol and ibuprofen)
  • cough and cold remedies
  • upset stomach treatment
  • heartburn and indigestion treatment
  • first aid kit
Save yourself time, and save the NHS money, see your pharmacist.

Children can get between eight to 10 colds a year, and a cough can last at least three weeks before it starts to improve. Most minor childhood illnesses don’t need a GP appointment and can be treated with basic medications that you can buy at your local pharmacy.

For further information on treatment of common childhood illnesses you can view or download the local NHS ‘Your Guide to Childhood Illnesses’. A handy guide on common childhood illnesses for parents of children under six”, it also has information about spotting the signs of a serious illness and local NHS services.

Stay stronger for longer!
We all want to continue to share our lives with loved ones as we get older, such as playing with grandchildren and socializing with friends. Simple strength and balance exercises twice a week are a proven to keep you stronger for longer, independent and enjoying the great things in life, whether by joining a class or doing it yourself at home.

‘Stay stronger for longer’ is a new campaign for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough that highlights how simple strength and balance exercises just twice a week can help older people (particularly women 70-79 years old) reduce their risk of falling and keep doing the things they enjoy.The campaign encourages older people to join local classes or access home programmes online. For more information on local classes and activities visit:

The ‘Stay stronger for longer’ campaign has been developed by Cambridgeshire County Council, Peterborough City Council and will work alongside local NHS health partners.

Extended Access Routine Appointments
Willingham and Longstanton Surgeries are participating in a new scheme so we can offer more routine appointments outside of the surgery core hours. We are now able to offer patients appointments in the evening and at weekends at the Ely hub which is based at St Mary’s Surgery in Ely. Appointments MUST be booked in advance with our receptionists, and are intended for routine matters only. You will be treated by the duty doctor at St Mary’s in Ely. You will need to consent to us sharing your medical records with the Ely Hub in order to take advantage of this service. Appointments are subject to availability.

Shingles Vaccine
Most patients are eligible for the vaccine from their 70th Birthday until 79 years of age. A small number of patients aged 76-77 will not be eligible until their 78th birthday (Please check with the surgery before booking in for the vaccine). The vaccine cannot be given at 80 yrs of age or older as it is much less effective. This is a one off vaccination so if you have had this vaccination previously, you do not need to have it repeated.

Flu Vaccinations
We have now received our flu vaccinations. Please call and book your appointment. The vaccination is recommended (and free!) to all patients over the age of 65, pregnant women, and those who have long term medical condition regardless of age. If you are unsure please ask.

Carers Support Meetings
Our next meetings at Willingham Surgery are on Wednesday 7th November and Wednesday 5th December. If you are a carer, please pop along and get some support from other people in the local community. Refreshments provided, no need to pre-book and completely FREE! Please contact Sue Lawson at the surgery or email her at for more information.

Cambridgeshire Hearing Clinics
The next Hearing Aid Clinics at Willingham Surgery are 21st November and 19th December. No appointment necessary, just pop along for your free NHS hearing aid batteries and for help and advice regarding hearing loss.

A&E is not an alternative to a GP appointment. If we are closed, please call 111, who will give advice and direct you to the most suitable local service.