Plans For New Policing Hub Granted Approval

Published: 11 March 2021

Plans to build a new police hub on the outskirts of Milton have been given the go ahead.

In September we submitted an application to Greater Cambridge Shared Planning for the new premises, which will enhance the service for the south of Cambridgeshire, by replacing the outdated facilities at Parkside Police Station with a modern police station.

The application followed two extensive consultations with members of the public and stakeholders, in conjunction with the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner, in February and July last year.

The new building will be situated next to the Park & Ride facility in Milton and will include:
  • Enhanced facilities enabling the Constabulary to respond to, and investigate, complex crimes such as fraud and online investigations more effectively.
  • Enhanced facilities allowing for the increased use of virtual courts which reduces the need for travel to courts.
  • Increase in cell provision from 12 to 24 to help meet future demand.
  • The facilities and ability to better meet demand as population growth continues.
  • Better road access, subject to less traffic, enabling officers to respond to calls for service more efficiently
Planning consent was yesterday (10 March) granted by South Cambridgeshire District Council subject to consultation and confirmation from the Secretary of State.

Area Commander for the south of Cambridgeshire, Superintendent James Sutherland said: “After a considerable planning and consultation process, we’re delighted to say that planning permission has now been granted.

We are extremely excited about the new development and the opportunities it will provide us, including adequate cell provision, which will inevitably reduce travel and time costs allowing our officers to spend more time on patrol.

“We are grateful to everyone who has supported us with this project and we look forward to moving on to the construction phase of the project which we anticipate will start in December (2021) with a view to being operational in the summer of 2023.”