Upcoming Changes to Bar Hill Junction

Published: 22 November 2019

Overnight on Monday, ready for Tuesday 26 November morning, we will be making changes at the Bar Hill and Oakington junctions.

We will open the new eastbound exit slip to Bar Hill Jct29 (green line on picture attached) which will take drivers from the A14 onto the new Bar Hill roundabout.

At the same time the current eastbound exit slip to Bar Hill just after Lolworth bridge will close and eastbound traffic exiting will no longer need to come along the long exit slip and turn left up the loop round to Bar Hill (red crosses on picture attached)

The eastbound Bar Hill entry slip off the roundabout will join as the lane gain rather than merging into the existing lane one as it does at the moment.

This means we can then close the Oakington Jct30 eastbound entry slip.